Should You Refinish or Replace Your Hardwood Floors?

The advantages of hardwood floors are numerous, including lower price over the years, fewer places for pollutants to hide out, and a traditional aesthetic that is arguably the most popular flooring option around. In case you've got a house with wood floors and you're trying to decide between refinishing or replacing them, then you've got some things to think about.

The main reason people choose to refinish their hardwood floors is cost. Between having to rip out and haul off the existing flooring and needing to buy everything that is required for the new flooring, replacing could be around 5 times more expensive than refinishing your current hardwood floors. Another reason people want to refinish is because they wish to maintain the original beauty and charm in an older home, as this can sometimes be lost when the original wood floors are replaced.

However, not all wood flooring is a fantastic candidate for refinishing and you ought to make sure to make the best decision for your house before you spend any time or money on the project. Here are the three primary things to you ought to consider before choosing to refinish your hardwood flooring.


While trimming can fix many instances of wear and damage, it's important to determine the severity of the issues first. Is your wood flooring warped? Are there any gaps between the boards? Can there be movement in the boards when you walk ? In cases where the wood flooring are very old and sterile, have been refinished a variety of times prior to, or the subfloor is damaged, refinishing will likely not be able to repair the issue. Replacing your timber flooring is a much better alternative in these circumstances.


Between the preparation work, sanding, cleaning, staining, sealing, and drying period, refinishing a hardwood flooring will take more than replacing it. Oftentimes, people decide that this sacrifice is worth the money saved by refinishing their hardwood floors. However, based on how big the project, you should definitely plan ahead for how you and your loved ones will reside at home while the job is under way.


This one is somewhat more obvious, but if you decide to stay with your initial flooring you'll have
fewer choices for changing the look of your flooring. Even though a new stain can work miracles, many older houses were built with thinner oak boards. In case you have your heart set on a more modern appearance with wider boards, a much more eye-catching grain, or want to change the management of the planks then replacing them is the way to go.

Still not Certain which Choice is best for your Flooring?

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